The Yo Yo Automatic Fishing Reel – The Ultimate £5 Survival Tool

As regular Angling Gazette readers will know, when we’re not fishing or writing about fishing, we tend to spend our time reading fishing blogs, checking out all of your videos and snooping around for stories or the latest gadgets. So when we stumbled across the Yo Yo Automatic fishing reel, we just knew we had to write about it.

The idea of the reel is simple. you attach a hook to it, bait it and then let out enough line to put it in position on the river, lake or sea bed.

You can then hitch the reel to a tree, post or anything enough to take the weight of a fish and then, if you are in a survival or camp situation, set about building your camp, shelter or fire.

You see the clever thing about this reel is that it is spring loaded. So when you pay out the amount of line you need, the reel then locks into position but as soon as a fish pulls on the line, the reel disengages and then automatically reels in. If the fish is very small, it may reel in quickly but even with larger fish, the constant pressure from the reel will eventually tire it and bring it in.

Of course we would never advocate the use of this reel for normal day to day fishing. But if you need to eat but don’t have the time to sit and tend to your rod, the Yo Yo Automatic fishing reel is the business.

We’ve shared this video below to demonstrate the Yo Yo Automatic Fishing reel in action. Next time you see Ray Mears, check out his rucksack, it won’t be too long before this little gadget finds it’s way into survival bags the world over. Already proving popular in America and now available in the UK, it’s definitely worth considering.

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