Team England Struggle in the FIPS-M World Boat Angling Championships

world boat angling championship

Tubertini Team England World Boat Squad struggled for a medal finish this year in the 52nd FIPS-M World Boat Angling Championships in Tivat, Montenegro from 24th September – 1st October 2016 finishing in a disappointing 10th place.

The team agreed an optional practice trip to the venue 4 weeks prior to the event in August with the team identifying the target species, preferred baits and basic rig. The team then set about building the 5 agreed rigs to target Pandora bream and possibly Bogue. The team also built a casting rig, a weed bottom rig and a lighter scratching rig. Team members were each expected and agreed collectively to build in excess of 100 rigs each.

Moral was high for the team when they arrived and they were confident of success. Over the course of the 2 practice days on the Thursday and Friday prior to the event Team England formulated a plan after testing as rigorously as possible given the low numbers of fish. Practice seemed to go well and they identified that the best bait was mussel, optimum spacing 60cm and that casting would be important but probably not too much. Total fish recorded by each angler over the 3 practice days were:
Cliff 24, Colin 27, Gary 17, Mark 26, Rolf 33, Matt 26.

On returning to the quayside on the first day it was evident that on most boats fish had been on the ground in patches and that luck had paid a big part with low fish numbers. The team felt that the plan was still basically good and that they would stick with it and hope for more favourable positions. Results were as follows with 59 anglers taking part.

Mark 23rd (9 fish), Colin 40th(4), Rolf 41st(9), Gary 52nd(4), Cliff 53rd(3).

After a lengthy team meeting Team England agreed to change tactics slightly by all changing to braid and casting more, where appropriate, and to come up with any further improvements as their rigs and baits seemed identical to others. Tubertini Team England finished in 10th position out of 12. The team agreed that they should be in a higher position than this and resolved to improve on the second day.

The same team fished on the second day and gained an even poorer result, finishing 11th well adrift of even 10th place over the 2 days.

Cliff 36th (10), Colin 41st (32), Gary 44th (8), Rolf 45th (8), Mark 53rd(7).

After two bad days the team decided to concentrate more on the preparation of mussels and to have the option to increase hook sizes from 10 to 8 and line diameters from .14 to .16 or .16 to .18 .

After much agonising and individual discussions with all team members the England Manager decided to replace Gary Galbraith with Matt Osborne to fish the 3rd day. Results on the 3rd day improved and the team finished 7th on the day and improved with their final placing to 10th finishing ahead of Portugal. Italy took the gold medal position with Croatia in 2nd place, and Slovenia finishing in 3rd place.

Cliff 13th(13), Mark 18th (12), Matt 34th(9), Rolf 41st(14), Colin 58th(3).

Final Tubertini Team England individual placing were;
Mark Smith 31st
Cliff Newbold 38th
Rolf Marschalek 46th
Colin Searles 48th
Gary Galbraith and Matt Osborne did not fish all 3 days so are not placed individually.

Top 5 FINAL team results;
1st Italy
2nd Croatia
3rd Slovenia
4th Ireland
5th San Marino

Top 5 FINAL Individual results;
1st Anthony Giacomini (Italy)
2nd Joao Pardal (Portugal)
3rd Luca Bassani (Italy)
4th Dejan Struna (Slovenia)
5th Paolo Volpini (Italy)

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