Talking Carp Rigs – The Telltale Lead Rig

When you’re carp fishing, one of the challenges you come across is telling the difference between a big liner and an aborted take.

You know the sort of thing: There you are, patiently waiting for a carp to pick up your bait, and all of a sudden you get a flurry of beeps or maybe even the tip starts to nod and you think you’re in!

You’re sure the lead has moved and rushing to the rod you enthusiastically strike into what you expect to be a great big carp, but actually turns out to be fresh air. You wind in frantically hoping to make contact with the beast but to no avail, there is nothing at the end of your line, apart from a few leaves perhaps.

Cursing, you inspect the rig, inspect the hook and wonder what happened. Have you just been done? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what happened and to be able to ask the lead what’s gone on? Did it see a big carp? Or was it just sitting there minding its own business when it was unceremoniously dragged across the lake bed by some unseen force tugging on the mainline.

In this video I will demonstrate my adaptation of a very successful rig that I have been using , that has caught me many fish. This variation will now show me whether a “Bite” I have had was really a bite and not just a liner. This is hugely important for me because if it is a genuine bite and I’m not hooking a fish, I want to know why. If it’s a line bite, I’m far more relaxed as this means that there is nothing specifically wrong with my end rig

Now sit back and enjoy the video and please feel free to comment below, as I’ll answer any questions and respond to any feedback.

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My passion is fishing for carp, and I am also the proud owner of Beausoleil French Carp and Cats. An exclusive carp fishing holiday venue in North West France where you can fish for big carp and monster catfish. I also love photography and I like nothing more than sharing pictures and videos of this stunning carp fishing venue and its residents!

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