Talking Carp Rigs – Semi-Fixed or Running Rigs for Estate Lakes?

Like all anglers, I’ve spent hundreds of hours tying carp rigs, tweaking them and looking for the best rig set up, and both semi fixed and running rigs have their distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Over the past 3 years, I’ve been experimenting with a hybrid of the two set ups which gives you the best of both worlds and none of the disadvantages of either.

For me, it’s a great rig set up for small estate lakes where the carp are heavily pressured. Also, it works on silt, hard patches or light leaf debris and is also good for catching catfish.

At a glance, it may look like a completely standard knotless knotted braided rig but the secrets to its success are hidden inside the lead. By replacing the standard insert with a silicone tail rubber, the lead acts as a semi fixed rig that converts to a running rig when the carp picks it up. This dramatically improves bite indication when angling for riggy fish and prevents them from using the lead to throw the hook.

I’ve had great results with it (including a brace of forties this year) and I’ve had great feedback from customers at the fishing lake that I run. I’ve put a few more tricks in this rig as well to increase the hooking potential.

It also incorporates the telltale lead indicator trick that I’ve already talked about in a previous article. In the video, I also explain exactly how the rig works in a fishing situation and what benefits this setup brings. I also show the method to use when casting or boating the rig into position.

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