Summer Carp Tactics – 3 Great Tips From Alex Grice

With a sustained period of warm weather, it seems that summer is finally arriving. This will no doubt increase the Carp’s feeding activity but with more pressure on the bank, how can you ensure that yours is the bait the fish will choose.

We invited Alex Grice to share three of his best tips that might give you that extra edge this summer.

Adding Oils:

Adding any type of oil to your bait is a huge edge during the summer months and will no doubt get you more bites. Adding oil means that the attraction from your bait can be spread through the water columns because oil rises to the surface when in the water, meaning the food signals can travel up in the water layers and draw fish down onto the baited area.

Oils come in many different forms and my particular favourites are salmon oil and pure hemp oil. Hemp oil is great and can be used all year round; salmon oil is great during the summer months. Adding oil to your baits also allows you to physically see when your spot has been disturbed by fish as slicks of oil will rise and create flat spots of water on the surface. Oil can be used in a handful of ways from adding to stick and spod mixes, to coating boilies and pellets.
CC Moore Hemp Oil
Drab Baits:

Using drab coloured baits and food type baits as hookbaits come into their own in the summer months. Bright singles have been used all spring and fish become alert to these traps.

The fish’s metabolism is rising and they need more food, this is where you can catch on large beds of bait and mimicking your hookbait to the bait you’re introducing more regularly than not makes that big one slip up.

Try adding dips to your hookbaits to increase the individual pulling power of them, my particular favourite for this is feedstim XP.
Drab Baits

This time of year pellets provide an awesome fish catching bait to your armoury, particularly with the water levels warming pellets come into their own and the attraction they give off is super high as they break down.

Adding a small PVA bag of pellets not only helps alleviate tangles, but adds masses of attraction around your hookbait. Oily pellets are great in the summer and a mix of sizes ensures different breakdown times.

My favourite for this time of year is the salmon micro-feed; they break down rapidly and create a mega attractive cloud to a baited area.
CC Moore Pellets
These are my 3 best, simple but effective tips on how to improve your run rate this summer. Give them a try and I’m sure they’ll work for you too.