Specimen Perch Fishing On Commercial Lakes – Chris Westley & Andy Loble

One thing that’s always nice about the late autumn, is that if often gives anglers a chance to try something different.

The Tench, Bream and Carp are almost certainly less active and as natural food becomes a little more scares, late autumn and winter can be the perfect time to seek out a predator or two.

Specimen perch have really hit the news over the last few years and are now back on top of many anglers list as a fish to put some serious time and effort into.

And what’s even better is you won’t need to join some syndicate or expensive fishing club to catch them, as they are popping up in commercial fisheries all over the UK.

With an abundance of small fish and anglers baits to feed on, the greedy perch soon pack on the pounds on day ticket waters as Chris Westley and Andy Loble found out during a trip to Hordle lakes in Hampshire. Watch their video where they share their rigs, baits, ground bait tips and more, plus put a few specimen perch on the banks just for good measure.