Huge Carp Catch Could Be A New Record!

47lb Carp

6 Carp, Including 3 Thirties & 3 Forties for a total of 232lb 10oz in a single day, could be a new record for a single day haul.

This staggering catch of big carp was landed by Solar Team angler Thomas Mascha from a local pit in northeast France. After prebaiting the venue for a few days in advance, Thomas settled in for a day session he will never forget and may prove to be the biggest single day catch of big carp ever.

Fishing over a scattering of Solar Seafood Take-Away boilies, soaked in hot Scottish Salmon Oil and Marine 17 liquid (the same baits that were used for prebating), Thomas landed this incredible run of big fish, all in a single day.

His Seafood Take-Away hook bait was coupled with a small PVA bag of Squid & Octopus Up & Down Mix and the result was carp of 47lb, 41lb, 40lb 12oz, 36lb, 35lb 14oz and 34lb.

232lb for just six fish in a single day is a phenomenal catch and once again proves the value of putting together an effective prebaiting campaign. To catch 6 carp of any decent size in a day is an achievement for any angler, to catch 6 of these sizes is absolutely outstanding.

The main picture at the top of this article is the 47lb carp, the largest of the 6. The rest of the pictures can be seen below.

33lb 14oz big carp
33lb 14oz
34lb big carp
36lb Big Carp
40lb big carp
40lb 12oz
41lb Big Carp