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Olympic Fishing

There has long been an argument, usually from those who don’t fish, that angling or fishing, isn’t really a true sport.

In an attempt to finally receive full recognition the Confédération Internationale de la Peche Sportive (CIPS), also known as The International Sport Fishing Confederation have announced that they have approached the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.) to get fishing recognised and an official “Olympic Sport”.

In a published statement CIPS write;

The CIPS has collected all required documents and answered all questions from the application questionnaire file of the International Olympic Committee, and has presented its application for the Olympic recognition.

“I would like to confirm we are convinced that obtaining this recognition, and becoming member of the Olympic family, would be very important for CIPS;

“Because besides giving a great additional contribution for promoting not only the sport of fishing universally, it would help enlarge the global development of the Olympic ideal all over the world” – said Mr. Ferenc Szalay,President of the CIPS.

The International Olympic Committee recognition would give also to all National Federations not recognised till now by their own National Olympic Committees the possibility to obtain this recognition and finally to acquire the dignity to be considered a sport with capital S, and a great possibility for our sport to be included
in a future Olympic Games.

CIPS was founded back in 1952, they currently represent 135 different national angling federations, spanning over 70 countries. In total, CIPS has over 50 million members. CIPS also represents all branches of angling including, coarse, fly, game & sea.

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