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Okay following on from my last article I thought I would show you a few ways to give yourself an advantage over others by thinking about your bait slightly differently.

I have a recipe that I shared last year that has is become quite popular, and has been taking waters apart where ever it has been used. It has caught numerous 20′s a few 30′s a 40 and even a 52lb carp as well as sturgeon, tench and bream. So I thought that would be the recipe I will use in this demonstration.

I’m initially going to take you through the instructions on making this particular boilie and then afterwards, discuss a little bit of “alternative thinking”, that might put you in among the fish when others are struggling.

One thing I have learnt from my many years of bait experimentation is that if you start off with a proven winning formula, it’s far better to add a bit of an “edge” to that, rather than reinventing the wheel from scratch.

So firstly here is the recipe that is a proven fish catcher;


6oz Semolina

4oz Soya Flour

2oz Milk Powder (or Lamlac)

1oz Crushed Hemp

1oz Coconut Flour

2oz Horlicks

3 Large Eggs

50ml Condensed Milk

2 tbsp Desiccated Coconut

10ml Cod Liver Oil

2.5ml Vanilla Flavouring

2.5ml Almond Flavouring

5ml Bait-Tech Corn Steep Liquor

1 tsp Salt

Now here are the instructions I give everyone to go by no matter what the recipe they are making. Put you dry ingredients into a large air tight freezer bag, blow into it and seal, then give it a really good shake and set to one side.
Grounbait boilie dry mix
Next take your eggs break into a large mixing bowl and gently whisk until all the yolk and White have mixed in together, add your liquid ingredients and colourings into the eggs and gently stir them in.

Take your dry ingredients and add one cupful at a time into the eggs stirring it in until you can’t move the fork easily, now get your hands dirty and keep adding your base mix until you have a dough that resembles playdough.

Roll out the dough into sausages either using your hands, a rolling table or a sausage gun. Either put the sausages into a rolling table to make your boilies or break small pieces off and roll in your hand.
groundbait bolie sausage
Finally boil your boilies 10/15 at a time for approximately 90-120 seconds depending on the size of your boilies, then air dry for 24 hours and freeze until ready to use.

So I hear you say, it’s a recipe proven to catch some nice fish but where is this advantage your on about?

Right let’s think for a minute, it’s a proven recipe but how to make it better…

Well no-one said your baits need to be shaped like a ball and I have been using another way to make my baits recently (I used it several years ago but have just started again) which has proved quite successful.

Take your dough ball and flatten it out to the thickness you want and carefully use a medium or large size meat punch to punch out tablet shaped pieces of dough and you instantly have pellet shaped boilies.
Gorundbait boilies punched
These little pellet boilies are superb and can be fished on a standard hair rig or with a pellet band. They are great for using with method feeders and PVA bags and I’d definitely say it’s worth making up a number of these, even if you plan to make full on boilies with the main bulk of the mix.

You never know when they just might give you that little something extra.
groundbait boilie rig
You can also cut your sausages into 4-5 inch sausages, then cook these for 120 seconds.

When you want to use a piece simply break off a bit to match the size of bait you want you want. These can be fished on the hair, on a bait band or even side hooked.

Not only does this method let you fish different sizes off the same piece but when you break it open you are creating a new surface that will leak out all the flavourings and attractors a lot quicker and easier.

Lastly you can make the above mix without using any raw egg and instead of cooking it leave it as it is and you will end up with a freezable stiff paste that you can either put onto paste rigs, wrap around boilies or even wrap around a cork ball to create yourself a paste pop up.

It really can be very rewarding making your own baits and if you have enjoyed making these ones and are interested in making your own boilies on an ongoing basis…. I have a number of books available on the subject and am always happy to answer questions via my twitter @anthonywood58 and facebook /homemadeboilies.
Home Made Baits V3
If you catch a really good fish on this bait why not email a picture of your catch to Angling Gazette?

Good luck with making your own bait and I hope you have tight lines and wet nets very soon.


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Anthony Wood

I've been making my own baits for over 20 years and have written 2 books on the subject. I work closely with Bait Tech, Fritz Germany and Custom Baits.
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I've been making my own baits for over 20 years and have written 2 books on the subject. I work closely with Bait Tech, Fritz Germany and Custom Baits.

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