DIY Bait – Make Your Own Artificial Corn Bait From 100% Natural Ingredients

One of the most noticeable developments of recent years has been the improved quality of artificial baits for coarse species. Predator anglers have of course been using lures for many years and fly fisherman continue to produce a huge variety of “flies” in order to imitate an insect, situation or just to rouse the suspicion of a particular species of fish.

Even Carp anglers are using products like “Zig Bugs” and other creations in order to emulate some for of aquatic or insect life. If you’d have told a carp fisherman 20 years ago that one day anglers would use big artificial bugs or pieces of foam fished up in the water to catch fish, they’d have probably thought you were mad.

One product that I have started to experiment with is “Gel” baits. These baits are made from a 100% natural and safe gelatine base with added proteins and are completely biodegradable, dissolving in water in just a few days. For me this gives the added comfort of knowing that if I lose a bait, it’s not going to lie on the bottom of the lake forever.

The moulds for these Gel baits come in sizes for making boilies, pellets and lures but for this article I’m going how to make gel based artificial sweetcorn baits using the “Mais” mould, as these cover a huge range of species and can be fished using pretty much any method, including hair rigs.
The Mais Mould
Details of where to obtain the moulds and gel etc. Will be at the bottom of this article and if you have any questions, please just leave them in the comments section.

Mixing the gel is extremely easy, for every ml of gel powder you use you need to add two ml of warm water (79-90 degrees). You will also need a small measuring jug that measures in ml, a syringe, a small cup to mix it in and any colouring, flavouring and/or additive that you would like to use with it.
Mais Mould and Gel
The recipe I will be using in this example is a fairly simple one, without any colouring just to show you how it works.

However there 2 further recipes underneath to give you an idea of the huge scope these little mais moulds have.

10ml Gel Powder

20ml Warm Water (70-90 degrees)

2.5ml Bait-Tech Sweet Coconut Squirt

Firstly measure out your 10ml of Gel Powder and pour into the cup, then add your 20ml of Warm Water and stir constantly until all the gel powder has dissolved.

At this stage add your flavouring (and any colouring you wish to use) stirring for about thirty seconds until it is mixed well.
mixing the gel
You now need to be fairly quick as the mix sets fairly fast. Take your syringe and suck the mixture into the syringe and carefully squirt the mix into the mould. If you go over don’t try to fix it just leave it. I’ve done so in the photo to show you that you can still get a good result at the end.
Gel setting in mould
Set the mould aside and wait for twenty minutes to allow the mixture to set, then gently remove your created corn from the mould. You should at this stage be able to remove any excess mixture leaving you with three different sizes of bait as shown.
finished corn
You will now need to store your corn in the freezer if you aren’t going to use it within three to four days as it is still perishable. However, you can prolong the life of the corn by storing in an airtight glug pot soaking in some glug of the same flavour you made the corn. This will then last about a month without need of freezing.
Fake Corn Variety
One of the things you can also do is add some fine Particles at up to half of the amount of the Gel Powder.

I prefer not to add quite as much as this and like to add a maximum of a quarter particles to the Gel Powder.

You will need to add this at the same time as any flavouring/colouring. Here are a couple of example recipes using this method.

Recipe 1

10ml Gel Powder

20ml Warm Water (70-90 degrees)

5ml Squid Meal

1 drop Orange Essential Oil

5ml Orange Food Colouring

Recipe 2

10ml Gel Powder

20ml Warm Water (70-90 degrees)

5ml Corn Meal

1ml Corn Steep Liquor

5ml Yellow Food Colouring
Yellow Corn
The possibilities for this product are endless. You can add all sorts of additives, colourings, powders, groundbaits, etc to create all of your own unique boilies , lures, sweetcorn and more. Give them a try and see for yourself.

It’s fantastic value for money too with a single 300m bottle of gel powder costing £12.50 and making up to 500 artificial corn baits.

For Moulds, Gel and Starter kits you can log onto the MH tackle website

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Anthony Wood

I've been making my own baits for over 20 years and have written 2 books on the subject. I work closely with Bait Tech, Fritz Germany and Custom Baits.
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I've been making my own baits for over 20 years and have written 2 books on the subject. I work closely with Bait Tech, Fritz Germany and Custom Baits.

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