DIY Bait – Home Made Bottle Cap Lures

Bottle cap lures are not a new concept they have been used in America and other countries for many years and have caught thousands of fish.

These are now starting to make an appearance in the UK and the basic one is extremely easy to make,

I will be showing you how to make a couple of different types of bottle cap lures and I hope you enjoy making your own.

Okay so the first thing you will need is bottle caps, you should be able to get a quantity of these for free by going into your local pubs and asking them if they will save you some bottle caps.

These ones in the photo were collected by my wife in a matter of twenty minutes from three different pubs, make sure you wash and dry the bottle caps to get rid of any liquid residue.
Bottle cap lures6
Besides your bottle caps you will also need either a small screwdriver or a nine inch nail, a block of wood and a hammer

Now that you have your bottle caps you will also need two split rings, a size 6 treble hook, two AAA shots and a size 8 swivel for each lure that you want to make.

Take one of your bottle caps and place it on the block of wood then place the screwdriver/nail on the edge of the bottle cap and hit the screwdriver/nail with the hammer to make a small hole.

Turn the bottle cap round so that the hole is in the twelve o’clock position and then repeat the process creating another hole in the six o’clock position.
Bottle Cap Lures1
Slide a split ring through each hole and then holding the bottle cap at three and nine o’clock positions squeeze it until it starts to fold over

Once the bottle cap is nearly folded over so that the two sides touch each other, stop and put two AAA shots inside now continue to squeeze closed until the shots can’t fall out when you let go.

Finally slide the size 6 treble on to one split ring and the size 8 swivel on to the other and there you have your first basic bottle cap lure.
Bottle cap lures9
The next type of lure is a little bit more complicated to make and is a spinner style lure.

In order to make this lure you will need; a bottle cap (prepared with holes the same as before), a size 6 treble hook, an 8 inch piece of strong but flexible wire such as fuse wire, a spinner blade with matching clevis, a split ring and finally a brass lure body.

Personally I just buy these lure kits from America from this WEBSITE it works out just over £1 per spinner including postage (but doesn’t include bottle cap or split ring) and includes enough parts to make 20 lures.
Bottle cap lures7
You will need two pairs of long nose pliers to bend your wire.

The first thing to do is to make an eye in the wire. This is actually fairly easy, place one end of your wire sideways in the end of one of the pairs of pliers with around one inch of wire sticking out one end.

Carefully fold the one inch of wire around the end of the pliers until it passes the long piece of wire on the other side. Remove the wire from the pliers and you should have a loop in the wire if you’ve done it right.

Place the loop inside the pliers and clamp down tight, wrap the remainder of the one inch of wire around the larger stem of the wire (you may find it easier to use the other pair of pliers to do this). If done correctly you should end up with an eye in one end of the wire like the one shown in the photo.

Now you are basically going to slide the components on like you would if you were making a kebab.
Bottle cap lures8
The spinner blade must be the first thing put on or the lure won’t work correctly and to do this slide the blade on to the clevis (the little half circle piece of metal with holes at either end) then slide the clevis on to the wire making sure the top of the spinner is towards the eye.

Next slide on the brass lure body followed by your bottle cap. You have choice here you can either leave the bottle cap as is or you can carefully bend it as before.

Lastly repeat the process of creating an eye but at the other end. Slide a split ring onto this eye and then slide the size 6 treble hook on and you now have a completed bottle cap spinning lure. You can add beads, propellers and more if you want the options are wide and varied.. This lure is ideal for Pike and Zander although as before it will catch other species too.

The final lure that I would like to show you how to make is the bottle cap cork popper and this you will need around 6-8″ of wire, a wine bottle cork, a bottle cap, a few beads with a hole through them, a split ring and a size 6 treble hook.
Bottle cap lures2
To make the cork popper place the bottle cap on the block of wood face down and pierce the bottle cap through the middle.

Next you want to make an eye in one end of the wire as you did for the previous lures, then slide the bottle cap on with the coloured part facing away from the eye.

Okay this bit is the hardest part of making this lure and that is you need to push the wire through the centre of the wine cork. Once you have done this (hopefully without stabbing yourself when it goes through the other end) thread a few beads on and the create another eye at the end of the wire making it as tight to the beads as possible.

Slide the split ring onto the eye nearest the beads and finally slide the treble hook on to the split ring. You now have a surface cork popper.
Bottle cap lures3
Well I hope you have enjoyed my latest article and have found it interesting. If you need any further help on making these lures, you can always get in touch via my facebook and twitter accounts

Until next time tight lines and wet nets.