Carp Rigs – Leon Bartropp’s “Take Anywhere” Day Ticket Rig

Day ticket Carp fisheries are becoming more and more popular. With limited time on their hands, many anglers are now looking for good “runs” waters that they can fish without the need to join a club or spend the whole weekend at, to catch fish.

The quality of day ticket fisheries has increased so much over the last ten years, that it’s now possible to catch twenties and thirties for the price of the day ticket.

The one down side of day ticket fishing is of course the lack of knowledge you might have when fishing a venue for the first time. What Rig should you use?

I this video Leon Bartropp ties what he believes to be a true “take anywhere” Day ticket rig. So next time you visit a day ticket fishery for the first time, why not give it a try.

Now sit back and enjoy the video

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