Barrow Carp Angler Breaks Cumbrian Carp Record

Photo Credit: KIERAN GARVY

After 200 nights and 13 months targeting a specific fish. Barrow angler, Chris Sawyer has landed what he believes to be the largest carp ever landed in Cumbria.

The fish Known as “Shoulders”, tipped the scales bang on 40lb, smashing his previous best fish of 33lb 4oz, from the same venue. The fish fell to a Red Reaper flavoured boilie, hair rigged to a size 4 hook and 20lb hooklink.

Chris told the North West Evening Mail:

“After more than 200 nights, a lot of recaptures of smaller residents and a few of the A-team, I managed to hook in to one that I thought might have been the one.

“After a 10-minute heated battle I slipped the net under my target fish and let out the shout of Shoulders! I looked down and knew it was going to be the biggest it had been!”

“We hoisted it onto the scales and to our disbelief the needle span around to 40lb smashing my previous PB of 33lb 4oz,” said Sawyer. “To our knowledge it’s the most northern 40lb carp.”

Photo Credit:  KIERAN GARVY
Photo Credit: KIERAN GARVY

The last time he’s seen the fish, was when a friend caught it at 36lb 6oz and Chris is confident there is no other fish in the county, that matches it’s size.

“It’s the biggest in Cumbria. There hasn’t been a 40 further north, that’s why it was so special. I have never had a fish like it. It was wide, it filled my forearms when I held it, an absolute lump.”

You can read the full report on the NWE Mail Website HERE