Angling Legends Series – Julian Cundiff By Kirk Smith

ulian’s life in angling started in 1976 at the age of 13 when he rode around Drax pond on his bike and came across the founder of the BCSG Eric Hodgson sitting behind a green screen and two rods.

Within three years Julian was deeply committed to his specimen fishing, catching tench, bream, pike and eels.

This was soon to change in 1983 when whilst tench fishing Julian caught a double figure carp and from that moment onwards and 30 years since, been carp, carp and carp.

Not only is Julian a consistent catcher of carp, he is also a brilliant writer. He already has six books under his belt, including ‘practical carp fishing’ and ‘short session success’ to name as well as an on going assortment of magazine articles and features worldwide.
The amount Julian has done and continues to do for carp fishing is unbelievable and all because of the passion he holds.

I think most, if not all would agree that Julian is one of the most approachable professionals we have in the angling world. Answering questions through social media and various shows to sending out DVD’s and rig sheets all for the price of a postage stamp!

Julian’s style of fishing is one I can closely relate to, campaign angling. Baiting a water and catching as many carp as possible, albeit not the biggest.

I feel that in today’s carp fishing scene is focused a lot on catching the biggest carp where as quantity can often be over looked.

Julian is a patron Saint in this aspect, regularly catching on over nighters after work. With a personal best of 49LB 6OZ caught during a memorable session on Kevin Nash’s church lake, Julian is one of the greatest carp anglers in the country.
Julian Cundiff 49lb 6oz
Being a consultant for Nash, Enterprise and a field tester for Nutrabaits doesn’t mean Julian’s life is solely that of carp fishing. Holding down a full time job and enjoying the spoils of hard work plus attending many rock concerts, Julian also has a great taste in music.

His dedication and love to the sport are unquestionable. Julian’s regular features in many carp magazines and constant social media updates make Julian appear as the busiest man on earth. yet he finds time to talk to everyone and is always happy to help in any way he can.
Julian Cundiff Diawa Day
When all this is done he still finds time to catch carp. Julian Cundiff is one of my angling hero’s, but more importantly, for what he has done for the sport, he is and always will be an angling legend.

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