To keep our magazine funded, we rely on support from manufacturers, retailers and other businesses involved in the angling trade. We carry adverts from the UK and overseas and work with you to create eye catching adverts to show off your brand.

From September 2016, we have a fantastic advertising package, which will not only give your business great exposure, it will also allow you to have 4 different adverts running at the same time.

Using a rotation system, your adverts will appear in different areas of the magazine, keeping them dynamic and eye catching.

You’ll even get exposure at the top of the magazine on the main header next to our logo with a full 720 x 240 size advert and even the smaller adverts are an eye pleasing 600 x 400 in size.

If you’d like to find out more about advertising on the Angling Gazette, please get in touch via our contact page and we’ll send you a media pack. The media pack will show you just how affordable this advertising is and how you can make your 4 different adverts work for you.

We are an ethical publication and will obviously only carry adverts which we feel are beneficial to our readers and we also support charitable organisations by offering subsidised or even free rates.