Matt Collins – A Brace of 40lb Carp

I had a week long session at the Beausoleil carp lake end of March and despite some tough weather conditions, I got my new PB with the biggest mirror in the lake, Grey Scar at 48lbs 4 oz.

At the start of that week, the conditions were still and cold but the previous afternoon, the wind started to pick up and we felt the lake take on an atmosphere as the pressure dropped.

After a tour of the lake I noticed the faintest sign of carp activity over a small spot 3ft from the far margin at 70yds range. I set a carp trap using just a handful of mixed pellets and some chopped, whole and crumbed blue oyster boilies, that I had rolled myself. I sent the Anatec (Bait Boat) off on its mission and by 5pm the trap was set.

I got the take at dawn the following morning. In the dim morning light I didn’t realise how big the mirror was when I was playing it. It wasn’t until the carp was safely in the net that I had the chance to peel it open to reveal the unmistakeable grey scar of “Grey Scar”! It’s the biggest mirror in the lake, which I was lucky to catch 3 times last year, again in the winter/early spring.

Yet again it fell to my Beausoleil carp rig which I designed exclusively for use at the Beausoleil carp lake. t basically consists of a 10” braided rig with 2 x 20mm bottom baits (in this case Nutrabaits Blue Oyster ) connected to a 3.5oz inline lead and size 4 Korda wide gape X (sharpened by hand).

I went on take a 43lb mirror carp and a 30lb mirror carp from exactly the same spot using the same tactics over the next 48hrs. The two big mirrors are the two largest carp in the lake. This is also my first ever brace of forties during one single session.

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My passion is fishing for carp, and I am also the proud owner of Beausoleil French Carp and Cats. An exclusive carp fishing holiday venue in North West France where you can fish for big carp and monster catfish. I also love photography and I like nothing more than sharing pictures and videos of this stunning carp fishing venue and its residents!