5 Weird Lures You Won’t Find In Every Tackle Box

I was reading Anthony Wood’s article on Bottle Cap Lures a couple of days back and it got my mind drifting back some 30 years, to when I spotted a lure in a tackle shop that I just had to have. It was the classic Heddon Big Bud lure, which effectively looked like a miniature Budweiser can with a fishes head and tail and a bunch of treble hooks.

Those of you who were around in the mid 80’s will remember it well, i’m not sure how many fish it caught but it certainly caught a fair few anglers.
Bud Lure
My dad was always of the opinion that some days, pike were so hungry and so stupid, that they’d pretty much have a grab at anything and having a fair few pike attack my swim feeder over the years while chub fishing, it would appear their is some truth in his argument.

So with that in mind, lets take a look at 5 of the craziest lures your likely to ever see. I’m not sure they will be turning up in a tackle box near you any time soon but somebody thought they would work.

The Husky Musky Duck Lure

There was a time when even the smallest pond in the world, had rumours of a huge Pike. Tales would be told of how he had been seen attacking the pond’s duck population.

This lure must have been made by somebody who had heard one or two of these tales. Sure, there have been duck lures made commercially since, but this, rather forlorn, sad looking chap looks like he’s been taken out by a big essox before he’s even hit the water.
62_husky duckling

The Homer Simpson lure

OK, so if you’re not going to make a lure out of beer cans or beer bottle tops, why not make it out of the animated world’s most famous beer drinker. The lure maker has even bothered to put the Duff beer can and a couple of donuts on the front lip.

It’s the kind of lure that you’d expect kids to buy their dad’s for Christmas, only for him to forget it is in his tackle box and it roll out during some very serious winter pike league match.
Homer Simpson lure

The Drowned Rat

A bit like the stories about ducks being attacked by Pike, I’ve heard many a tale of anglers seeing water rats being pulled under by a big predator. I’ve seen plenty of rat lures before but this poor fellow, a bit like the duck, looks like he met his maker before even taking to the water.

It may not have caught many fish but somebody put a fair bit of time into this little chap
Drowned Rat lure

The Long Nosed Frog

There are plenty of frog lures out there and this one has had a fair bit of work put into it. It looks like some kind of cross between a frog, a lizard and an African tribal charm but I love it and it’s certainly worthy of a mention.

The Good Luck Troll

Well we’ve all heard of trolling you’re lures but not having a troll as a lure. Mind you, back in the early 80’s people used to buy these little “gonks” and use them as good luck charms. Maybe the creator of this strange little spinner was seeking a bit of extra good fortune.
Troll Spinner

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